Complying with the training requirements of the NYS law to combat harassment in the workplace

HR One give employers the option to train employees OR work with managers and supervisors to "train the trainer."

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (1)

As part of the 2019 state budget process, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace as well as regulate how employers handle reported instances of harassment. One of the key components of the law is that employers are required to train all of their employees on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace no later that October 9, 2019.

HR One has developed a training program that complies with the requirements under the law, including:

  • An explanation of sexual harassment and specific examples of inappropriate conduct;
  • Detailed information concerning federal, state and local laws and the remedies available to victims of harassment;
  • An explanation of employees' external rights of redress and the available administrative and judicial forums for bringing complaints.

But it also goes beyond just the minimum standards to cover internal best practices and how to create positive work environments where employees can feel safe. We also work to customize each session to make sure it's as relevant as possible to the unique factors of each client's industry and internal culture.

In addition to the training seminar that has been developed for all employees within an organization, HR One has also developed a Train-the-Trainer program to teach supervisors and managers how to conduct the training internally with their employees.

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