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NYS DOL Will No Longer Be Mailing Unemployment Charge Statements Employers Must Go Online to Review Them To Protest Charges and Report Fraudulent Claims

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The New York State Department of Labor is no longer mailing out Notice of Experience Rating Charges or Notice of Benefit Reimbursement Charges statements to employers. Going forward employers will need to monitor their account information online through the Department’s website.

Employers should be carefully monitoring their Notice of Experience Rating Charges to ensure all of the individuals who are collecting benefits are eligible to be doing so; otherwise these charges could increase your UI rate in future years. If you see, for example, a current employee listed as collecting benefits, that may be a red flag. Employers can also advise employees to report any unusual documents or communications from the NYSDOL for claims they haven't filed. 

If you identify a fraudulent claim and report it, the state will audit it and then credit your account.

To review charges against your account, you will need to go to the Employer Services page of the DOL website to log in online or set up an account.

If you have an account, login and go to view my UI information page, select benefit charges where you will be able to select how you wish to view claimants who have charges either by month, quarter or year.

If you do not have an online account with NYS Department of Labor, you will need the following items to create an account:

  • Your Federal ID #
  • Your Employer Registration #
  • Tax type – Unemployment Insurance
  • A previous quarter remuneration from your NYS 45

Once you enter the above information you will submit and can set up a new password to go online.  From the login page go to “view my UI information page” and select benefit charges.

To start from the beginning, go to, select unemployment benefits, employer information, my account, login, view my UI information page and select benefit charges. If you have questions regarding setting up an account, contact NYS Employer’s online services @ 518-485-6076.