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 Payentry Next Gen

Payentry Nextgen Capture

The latest version of Payentry is here... This updated version of the payroll system has been designed and programmed over the last several months based on feedback from existing Payentry users.  Payentry compiled requests for system improvements and built-in-workflow enhancements that will make your experience much better while maintaining the same logical rules and security settings embedded in our existing structure. 

The Next Gen user Guide is a valuable resource for Payentry users.

To access the User Guide log in to Next Gen and you'll see the "?" icon in the upper right corner.


Dashboard Screen Shot 

Take a guided tour of Next Gen, or view any of the other videos below for a closer look at this exciting update. You can also view and download a PDF overview of Next Gen.

Guided Tour


Next Gen Video Demos

Payentry Next Gen Payroll Processing



Payentry Next Gen Time Import


Payentry Next Gen Pay Grid ItemsThis short video describes how to configure your payroll processing screen to best suit your needs. In particular, you insert highly configurable data elements into your payroll processing easy!


Payentry Next Gen Create a Manual Check


Payentry Next Gen Edit Check Details


Payentry Next Gen Update Employee Information - Instructions for administrators on how to update an employee's information in Payentry NextGen.

NextGen Update Employee Information from Payentry on Vimeo.

Add Employee Direct Deposit Account



Employee Self- Service

User Guide For Employee's Setting Up Their ESS (To be provided to employees when setting up their account)


 Time Management

Payentry Time Management Demo from Payentry on Vimeo.

Time Management Demo for Supervisors


Time Management Import Demo

From the HR One Payentry User Conference: Time Management Top Ten


Time Management Demos for Employees: Punching In/Out Online & Throught the Mobile App


Hire & Onboarding


Secure View

Secure View - Quick Links Location

Secure View is a document storage system for any documents that a company wants to keep track of and that allows companies to quickly and efficiently access all their files through a folder tree or a searchable list. Downloaded documents will also be available in the Recent Reports section of My Reports as a SecureView zip file for 24 hours after download. It can be accessed through the Quick Links on the Next Gen dashboard.

Snip Image

You can search your document list by month, quarter, year, or report. As well as filter by report type: AdHoc Reports, Payroll Reports, Pay Stubs Reports, Tax Forms, and Year End Reports.

  1. Click on Secure View in the Quick Links.
  2. Select Tree from the View Documents in: drop-down menu
  3. Optional: Select how the folders are ordered from Order By drop-down menu.
  4. Optional: Narrow down your search further by selecting filters from Filter By drop-down menu.
  5. Select the folders you want to download by checking off the boxes next to them; or expand the folder by clicking the > side arrows and picking specific documents.
  6. Click Download Selected to download the documents to your computer. Downloaded documents will also be available in the Report Pickup section of My Reports as a SecureView zip file for 24 hours after download.