Have all of your supervisors been trained how to motivate, direct and lead their staff?

One of the most common practices in any business is promoting someone to a management position because of success they’ve had in another role. While the instinct to reward and nurture talent with an upward career trajectory is often correct, it can ultimately end up hurting all parties if that person is not properly prepared to supervise people.

Training Training Two

HR One has been working with and training first time managers for over two decades. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations to help their managers make a successful transition from employee to supervisor. 

Our training covers:

◊ How to oversee former peers

◊ Providing constructive criticism

◊ Complying with EEOC regulations

◊ Balancing differing personalities

◊ How to handle corrective discipline

◊ How to investigate employee complaints

◊ Fostering a productive team

◊ HR concepts