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Tracking when and where employees start and stop work, meals and breaks, vacation time, FMLA time, etc. can be a time consuming task and potentially cost the company additional expenses if not done accurately.   

Payentry helps employers easily manage employees’ hours, control labor costs, and ensure compliance with complex labor regulations. Payentry Time Management was built to provide complete real-time visibility of your entire workforce. 

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Some key benefits:

    • You have the flexibility of having employees punch using My Payentry, a mobile app or kiosk;
    • You don’t need an internet connection to punch on our mobile app;
    • Employees can see timecards and schedules;
    • Submitting time off requests for approval is easy for both employees and employers;
    • Estimating future leave balances helps employees and managers to better plan time off;
    • Managers can view the GPS location of mobile app punches by employees.


Features employers love:

  • The Supervisor’s Home Screen provides real-time attendance data, timecard approval status, hours worked including overtime, in-out board with the most recent punch shown, and assigned schedules.
  • The Attendance Tracking shows any infraction (absent, late, missing punch, etc.) on the Supervisor’s Home Screen as well as the employee’s individual timecard.
  • The Employee Self Service portal allows employees to view historical and current time cards, transfer departments, review schedules, and more, allowing supervisors and human resource personnel to focus more time on strategic issues.
  • Real-Time Reporting allows labor and attendance data to be instantly accessed and converted into real-time, targeted, easy-to-read reports, including employees approaching overtime, and more. All critical information is safeguarded by assigning security roles that define what users are able to view.
  • Applying rules, setting quick configurations, and applying master schedules can simplify and streamline your timekeeping processes.

Payentry Time Management – the simple, integrated, flexible and cloud-based solution for today’s employers!