HR Support for Payroll Clients

Get access to phone support and regulatory updates from our team of human resources professionals

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In today's business environment payroll and human resources have become entangled in an unprecedented way- from implementing regulations on paid time off, tracking health care benefits, making sure you're paying the appropriate overtime wages, and more, employers can't afford to have a payroll provider that doesn't include HR support.

Wondering if someone is exempt or non-exempt? How to bring someone back to work who's been out on disability leave? What about investigating a claim of harrasment or discrimination? There are many issues that even seasoned professionals sometimes feel they need help.

With the HR Helpline our clients can talk with one of our senior consultants and ask about what steps to take to resolve a problem or to comply with employment regulations.

Our payroll clients also receive the HR eNews so that they're kept up to date on the latest employment regulations, best practices, and all the developments that could potentially impact their organization's personnel. 


Finally, our clients can access an entire library of updated state and federal employment posters- from minimum wage to paid family leave- plus a variety of forms including:

    • New hire packet

    • Corrective discipline and separation

    • FMLA

    • Workplace safety

    • Anti-harassment

And more!

Some questions may be answered with just an email or phone call, or they may require additional consultation to resolve. Either way, our team is ready to help!

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