Managed Separations

A difficult time in the employment relationship made easier with procedures in place


The worst part of any manager or supervisor’s job is having to tell someone they are being fired or terminated from employment.  It is a very uncomfortable task.  It is also an area that poses great potential financial exposure for the company.  Therefore, it is very important that terminations be handled carefully.


6 Mistakes To Avoid During A Termination Meeting

6 Misktakes Preview

The termination process should be well planned.  It should be carried out in an efficient manner that produces as positive a result as possible.  It should be conducted in a manner that maintains the dignity of the person being fired, as well as the reputation of the company as an employer that deals fairly with its people.

HR One can help walk employers through the process of terminating an employee- from what paperwork should be completed, how to conduct the actual meeting with the terminated employee, and how employers can protect themselves from claims of wrongful termination. 

For HR One clients, there is a packet of documents available under "Forms" in the member's only section of this site that includes a separation checklist, employee termination procedures, a sample exit interview questionnaire, and more.