HR Helpline

When you have a question about a human resource management issue, answers are just a phone call away! Call us BEFORE you take action!


Are you a business owner or a supervisor facing a personnel issue that you just aren't sure how to resolve? It's OK to reach out and ask for guidance. That's why we've introduced the HR Helpline.

Wondering if someone is exempt or non-exempt? How to bring someone back to work who's been out on disability leave? What about investigating a claim of harrasment or discrimination? There are many issues that even seasoned professionals sometimes feel they need a second opinion on. With the HR Helpline you can talk with one of our senior consultants and ask about what steps to take to resolve a problem or to comply with employment regulations.

Some questions may be answered with just a phone call, or they may require additional consultation to resolve, but it's critical for protecting your organization that before taking action in a situation you receive appropriate input!