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Employee Handbooks & Handbook Reviews

Written policies promote consistency, communication, and, compliance. We can look at your existing handbook and make recommendations for compliance updates and HR best practices.

An employee handbook is an important communications tool that provides a clear and concise explanation of an organization’s policies and procedures.  If your organization doesn’t have written policies and procedures that are implemented in a consistent and fair manner, chances are your supervisors are making personnel decisions on a case-by-case basis with no written guidelines.  This leaves the employer open to claims of discrimination for not treating employees fairly and/or consistently (whether intentional or not).  

The handbook assists in protecting the organization from claims of discrimination or unfair treatment.  It also assists in the area of unemployment.  It can provide proof that the organization had a policy against a particular conduct that was communicated to everyone.

HR One provides a service that results in a complete, well planned professionally written Employee Handbook tailored to a client’s specific needs.  We accomplish this by conducting a thorough on-site interview that covers over 100 topics, incorporating all the HR policies and procedures your organization needs to ensure compliance with employment regulations, improve employee communications, and create consistency in policy application. 

People are the single largest investment and expense for most employers.  However, most employers devote little time or money to manage their most valued resource, their employees. 

What are some of the topics covered in an employee handbook?

  • Introduction (Welcome Message & History)
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment Classifications
  • Personal Conduct
  • Employment Policies
  • Company Premises and Work Areas
  • Personnel Administration
  • Safety and Security
  • Compensation
  • Communication Policies
  • Operational Policies
  • Employee Acknowledgement Receipt
  • Compliance Policies (EEO, ADA, Diversity & Fair Treatment, Sexual Harassment, COBRA, HIPAA)
  • Absence Policies


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