Alert: Delays to UI Claims Could Cost Employers

One step employers can take NOW to keep UI costs down

Stamped UI Claims

As the New York Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Division (DOL) plays catch up on the hundreds of thousands of claims they processed this year as a result of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, we have found an issue that could cost employers if they don’t take steps to address it.

During the months of April through July 2020, the DOL was mailing out claims beyond the stated mail date on the unemployment claims. Although the DOL has seen a decrease in the number of unemployment claims currently being filed, there are still delays in employers actually receiving the unemployment claims in a timely manner.

Between DOL and the US Postal Service, unemployment claims are being mailed out and delivered beyond the 10-day deadline for claims or 7-day deadline for questionnaires. If a claim is returned by the employer beyond the deadline, a claimant who might otherwise be ruled ineligible could collect.

Therefore, all employers should begin the practice of date stamping all unemployment documents that they receive. For our clients, we can use the date received if we need to protest an untimely response to NYS Department of Labor.

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