Paid Family Leave Benefits and Contributions Increasing in 2019

Eligible employees pay in more, get more time at a higher benefit

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In 2018 New York State implemented one of the most comprehensive Paid Family Leave (PFL) laws in the nation. The law allows employees to take a job-protected leave of absence for a percentage of their pay due to the birth/adoption of a child, to care for a family member with a serious health condition, or for a qualifying need due to a family member on active duty in the military. This new benefit was financed as part of the existing statutory state disability insurance program. Employers pay for the insurance premium via a deduction from employee wages and employees who qualify for the leave receive a percentage of their wages from the insurance carrier.

In the first year of PFL, an employee receives 50% of their wages, up to $652.96 per week, and is eligible for up to 8 weeks of leave for qualifying events.

In 2019, the benefit amount will increase from 50% to 55% of the state average weekly wage, to take up to 10 weeks of leave for one of the qualifying events.  NYS has increased the employee contribution from .126% to .153% of gross wages, up to an annual maximum. 

This increase will go into effect as of 1/1/19 and is a pre-tax deduction.  

Please see the chart below for a quick glance at the differences from 2018 to 2019. 




Average weekly state wage



Employee premium deduction



Annual maximum employee deduction



Maximum weekly benefit



Maximum benefit duration

8 weeks

10 weeks


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