Workplace Safety

Let HR One help you develop an OSHA compliant safety plan and protect your organization and employees

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One of the most important duties employers have is to provide safe working conditions for their employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the division of the US Department of Labor in charge of setting and enforcing workplace safety standards and providing training and education to make sure those standards are implemented. HR One takes a comprehensive approach to helping organizations assess their own level of compliance and best practices, implement safety programs and help employers navigate OSHA investigations.

Safety Audits

HR One approaches workplace safety by first conducting an initial analysis of any existing policies as well as conducting an on-site inspection of the premises.

Safety Inspection

Develop a Safety Manual

A safety manual lays out the specific policies and procedures designed to comply with federal and state regulations, conform to industry specifc practices and incorporate the unique perspective of key people within your organization. Our safety manual program includes a year of compliance updates and a rollout meeting with staff.

Safety Inspections

HR One can conduct quarterly safety inspections in order to identify potential workplace hazards, evaluate current precautions already in place, and identify corrective action steps that should be taken

Safety Education

Saftey Training

As part of HR One's extensive training offerings, we are able to conduct safety awareness training on a variety of subjects, including: 

Personal Protective Equipment
Hazard Communications/SDS Compliance
Accident Investigation
Recordkeeping and Reporting
Fall Protection/Ladders 

...and more!

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